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Evergreen messages by
Swami Chinmayananda

The day you take up the policy of giving love instead of demanding it - that day you will have rewritten your entire future destiny.

The Chinmaya Mission Pledge
We stand as one family,
bound to each other,
with love and respect.

We serve as an army,
courageous and disciplined,

ever ready to fight against,
all low tendencies and false values,
within and without us.

We live honestly the noble life of
sacrifice and service,

producing more than
what we consume,

and giving more than what we take.
We seek the Lord’s Grace
to keep us on the path of
virtue, courage and wisdom.

May Thy grace and blessings flow
through us to the world around us.
We believe that
the service of our country

is the service of the Lord of Lords,
And the devotion to the people is
the devotion to the Supreme Self.
We know our responsibilities,
give us the ability and the
courage to fulfill them.


Chinmaya Mission Pledge.
Booklet available at Chinmaya Mission Bookshop 89, Lodi Road,
New Delhi - 110003
Ph.: 24697848, 24643301




“A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service
are the things which renew humanity.”

Service to humanity is service to god, used to say our pujya Gurudev. From this inspiration was born the idea of establishing an independent Chinmaya Health care centre that would work towards providing quality medical facilities to the less privileged and needy. Initiated by a very dynamic team, the health services begun as an ad-hoc voluntary program across the Jamuna River. When it became difficult for volunteers to travel the distance, a rented van was hired to from which volunteers and doctors operated every day catering to the very poor women and children around Sunlight Colony in Ashram Chowk. Then in January 2004 with the blessings of Gurudev and the support of Max India, the Chinmaya Health Care Centre assumed a more permanent identity.  From these humble beginnings the Centre has grown from strength to strength building not just an impssive patient base but also expanding its operations to provide a range of facilities.  The centre operates five times a week in the morning and has a panel of dedicated doctors who attend to the needs of the patients. The last two years have been especially good for the Health Centre. With a patient base of nearly 10,000, the clinic offers besides basic health care the services of a dentist, two gynaecologists, an ophthalmologist besides paediatric care and pathological investigations.


Besides regular clinic facilities, the Health Care centre organises approximately 3 to 4 camps every year especially during Diwali and Christmas. These camps usually cater to children who were immunised and also given special gifts, toys, hygiene kits like towels, soaps, tooth pastes and tonics. Besides children, the camps have also focused on family planning, diabetes, blood pssure as well as bone densitometry.  Besides this the centre has also organised 2 eye camps assisted by the Lions Hospital and has distributed free glasses for over 150 patients and have had more than a 100 patients operated for cataract free of charge.

All this has been accomplished almost entirely on generous donations, the spirit of service of the doctors and the unflinching commitment from its volunteers. The Chinamaya Health care centre is eternally grateful to all our well wishers and donors.

The clinic welcomes monetary donations as well as medicines, clothes especially for children and any other gifts that maybe distributed amongst the poor and needy especially during the festive seasons.

For more information please contact
Mrs Kapil Duggal at 01126324433 or 9810994054


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