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Evergreen messages by
Swami Chinmayananda

The day you take up the policy of giving love instead of demanding it - that day you will have rewritten your entire future destiny.

The Chinmaya Mission Pledge
We stand as one family,
bound to each other,
with love and respect.

We serve as an army,
courageous and disciplined,

ever ready to fight against,
all low tendencies and false values,
within and without us.

We live honestly the noble life of
sacrifice and service,

producing more than
what we consume,

and giving more than what we take.
We seek the Lord’s Grace
to keep us on the path of
virtue, courage and wisdom.

May Thy grace and blessings flow
through us to the world around us.
We believe that
the service of our country

is the service of the Lord of Lords,
And the devotion to the people is
the devotion to the Supreme Self.
We know our responsibilities,
give us the ability and the
courage to fulfill them.


Chinmaya Mission Pledge.
Booklet available at Chinmaya Mission Bookshop 89, Lodi Road,
New Delhi - 110003
Ph.: 24697848, 24643301




The following books were printed by Delhi on behalf of Central Chinmaya Mission Trust - Unto Him, Meditation and Life (latest edition), At Every Breath a Teaching, Swami Chinmayananda: A life of Inspiration and Service, On Wings and Wheels, My Trek through Uttarkhand, Hanumat Vibhuti, Meditation - A Vision, Japji Sahib and Nauvan Mahalla.

ASwami Jyotirmayananda, who was appointed regional head of the Delhi Mission in 1992, has served the Mission very well especially with the construction of Mission buildings. It is because of his dogged persistence and hard work that the two sites, the Chinmaya Centre of World Understanding and Chinmaya Vidyalaya - both in the best localities - were obtained in the first place. Considering the difficulties one encounters with government bureaucracy, this itself is a major accomplishment. Then, to build such a magnificent structure as the Chinmaya Centre of World Understanding, is indeed laudable. He also worked hard in starting the schools in Solan, Unchahar and the college in Haridwar. His association with Gurudev began in December 1952, when he met him at Guruvayyoor temple. He helped to organize the fourth yagna in Palghat in 1954, during which he took down Gurudev's discourses in shorthand and then typed them. The book on Isavasya Upanishad is a result of this sewa in 1954. He has been working for Swamiji from the early days, in every sort of work, including travelling with him in buses from place to place. Swamiji Attained samadhi on 21st February 2003.

The present trustees of the Delhi Sewa Chinmaya Trust are:
Chairman: Swami Tejomayananda
Managing Trustee:.
Trustees: Mr. S.R. Khurana, Mrs. Sita Juneja, Mr. R.P.Khaitan, Mr. Jamanadas Moorjhani, Mr. Anil Sachdev, Mr. G. Krishnamoorthy

Mr. K.Vaidyanathan became president of the Delhi Mission in 1974 for five years. He also held a study group in his house. Choudhary Raghavendra Singh was President till 1983. Mr B.D. Kapoor, who met Swamiji in 1974, had been an exceptionally distinguished president of Chinmaya Mission Delhi since 1983 till he passed away in 2000, and had been a great benefactor to the Mission.

Mrs. Shakuntala Bindra was the vice president of the Mission and has been serving the Mission from its inception in 1953 till the present date, as an invaluable guiding force. In spite of her ill health, she continued to serve the Mission in every possible way till she passsed away in 2001.

Mrs. Sita Juneja has worked extremely hard ever since the Mahasamadhi of Swamiji, in overseeing all the construction work at the Centre, carried out by Larson & Toubro. For the interiors, Mrs. Juneja put in her natural sense of aesthetics, and now she sees to the smooth running of the place by being present at the Centre almost the whole day. Most of the Bhakti Sandhyas have been arranged by her.

When the Centre was inaugurated, Mr. M. Varadharajan became director of the Centre for one year. He has been present at many of Swamiji's cultural functions over the years.

Col. Vohra is the general manager, administration, of the Centre.

From the 1970s onwards, Mr R. Krishnamurthy, Mr. Anil Sachdev, Swami Jyothirmayananda and Mr. S.P. Kohli were very active secretaries of the Mission at various times. Mr K.C. Bhatia, who met Swamiji in 1954, has done many years of sewa in Chinmaya Mission - looking after the office, bookstall and also as secretary in the 1980s - till the new building came up and his health deteriorated. Mr. Sunil Sachdeva and Dr. Reghunath were secretaries after 1993.A

The news magazine, Chinmaya Mission Delhi News Bulletin, was started by Swami Jyotirmayananda in 1975 and he was editor for a year. In 1976, Mrs. Anjali Singh became its editor for four years. She also printed the magazine, as her family had a printing press. Many varied quotation cards, new year cards, souvenirs, camp kit folders were printed in the 1970s. Lakhs of mini pamphlets for the 1980 Missionary Year were also printed. They carried the slogan: "Read this and pass it to a friend". Taranganis in a newer version and some books by Swamiji that had been translated into Hindi by Mrs. Kumud Mathur and Mrs. Sheela Sharma were also designed and printed. Mrs. Bharati Sukhtankar, who got transferred to Delhi, became editor of the magazine for four years from 1980 to 1984. Then, Mrs. Anjali Singh again became editor for four years from 1984 to 1988 and then again from May 1995 till Feb 1997. From 1988 to 1995, various people including Miss Anju Virmani, Mrs. Shobha Juneja, Dr. Reghunath, Mrs. Bhanumati Rao, Mrs. Madhu Bawa and Mrs. Gayatri Balasubramaniam helped with the editing. Gurudev had once remarked that it was one of the best magazines of Chinmaya Mission. From March 1997 till the present, Mrs. Indu Shrikent has been the editor of the magazine.

Many other members are helping with their services in many ways. Mrs. Kusum Patel and Mrs. Prarthna Saran write regular articles on the Bhagwatam for the magazine. Mr. S.D. Bhalla had a study group going in Rajinder Nagar for several years till he recently passed away. Mrs. Vijay Virmani has also been holding study groups. Mrs. Nirmala Ahluwalia has been holding a Bal Vihar for 15 years in East of Kailash. Mr. Miglani has been helping in the bookshop. Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Mehra have given service in a unique way. They opened their home to Swami Jyothirmayananda and he stayed in their house as a brahmachari and as swami from 1972 to 1997. Mrs. Anjali Singh and Mrs. Kusum Patel hosted Swami Tejomayananda and all the Mission swamis from 1993 until the Centre was completed in 1997. Mrs. Neelu Daulat Singh looks after youth programmes. Mrs. Padma Gupta takes care of the childrens camps. Mrs. Parveen Bahl co-ordinates the Chinmaya Vision Programme in the field of education. Mrs. Kapil Duggal and Mrs. Swaran Malhotra deal with hospitality. Mrs. Nimmi Mehra looks after stage decorations. Mrs. Madhu Bawa has been helping in all fields, especially arranging volunteers, and also with membership matters along with Mr. Chandrashekar. Mrs. Sharada Chawla, Mr. Sunil Sachdev and Mrs. Anjali Singh help with the printing and designing. Mrs. Anjali Singh is also archiving 10,000 photographs of Gurudev into CD Roms. Mr. Sunil Sachdev has been helping with publicity. Mr. Jujhar Singh has been doing print and television media interviews of swamis. Mrs. Durgi Singh has been helping in the library. Mrs. Ramindra Singh, Mr. Raje Lakshmi Ratan, Mrs. Uma Kumar, Mrs. Shefali Gupta, Miss. Nanki Singh and Mrs. Roshni Laroia have been chanting shlokas during yagnas. Nanki has been doing the secretarial work of visiting swamis. Gauri Sharma is on call for any job that needs doing. Many people help during yagnas and in different ways in Delhi and in Noida, and it is difficult to list everyone. Some of them are Mr. Aniljit Singh, Mrs. Nisha Kapoor, Col. and Mrs. Ramanand, Mr. and Mrs. Shekhar, Mrs. Krishna Varma, Col. B.B. Sharan, Mrs. Shashi Gulati, Mrs. Meena Sood, Mr. Raghavan, Mrs. Tina Bedi, Mrs. Sumir Choudhary, Mrs. Padmini Nambiar, Mrs. Nafisa Sodhi, Mrs. Gaby Juneja, Mrs. Puni Daulat Singh, Miss Padmini Bisht, Mrs. Poonam Chopra, Mrs. Shashi Gulati, Mrs. Indu Sachdev, Mrs Shashi Palhan, Mr. and Mrs. Soti, Mrs. Mitul Seth, Mr. Mallik, Mr. K.S.Reddy, Mrs. Rita Katyal, Mrs. Pushpa Sethi, Mr. Bhaskar, Mr. Srinivasan, Miss. Meera Kapoor, Mrs. Rita Mehra and the late Mr. Pradeep Mehra.

A Mission is great because its founder is great. A founder is great because he stands on lofty ideals, strengthened by hard work and has inspired his followers in the same direction. Thereafter, it runs on the strength of his name, no doubt, but the vision must be pursued by its members diligently and actively for it to be beneficial to them.

Chinmaya Mission is fortunate to have continuing able leadership in the present head of Chinmaya Mission, Swami Tejomayananda. Someone once said that it takes a master to produce a master.

A young man in Delhi, who grew up under Swami Chinmayananda's watching eyes, has this to say of Gurudev:

"Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda was the greatest example of perfection. He was a student of the highest calibre. He was a teacher of the greatest genius. His life has been the most vivid example yet of love, dynamism, strength, courage, kindness, creativity, vision and hard work. He is the sandeep and the paramguru in the hearts of countless people around the world. His realization of the Self shall be of inspiration to generations still unborn. His is the world, and the world's is He."


AA Chapter of the Delhi Mission started in Noida when Swami Chinmayananda went there for one day in 1992 to be with Brig. Sanyam Vir Singh and Mrs. Juneja. Col. Ramanand's study group was on. Swamiji blessed him and said "Salutations to Col. Ramananda! This will grow." To Mrs. Sahai he said: "You will do my work". Mrs. Narinder Singh picked up from there and gave her daughter's premises for holding regular classes and housing a brahmachari for a year. In the meantime, Mrs. Krishna Sahai (who had met Swamiji during the 1992 visit) worked hard to get land in a prestigious locality of Sector 37 on an area of 1800 sq. yards. The foundation stone was laid by Swami Tejomayananda on September 27, 1995. The architect, Mr. Morad Chowdhury, who did it as a voluntary sewa, designed a beautiful structure for which Mrs. Sahai co-ordinated the work. The Centre was inaugurated on October 16, 1997. The elegant looking building has a live-in facility for an acharya and a satsang hall for holding classes etc. A huge statue of Hanumanji (Sidhbari type) now presides over the Mission lawns and regular pujas are conducted. Br. Vinayak Chaitanya is the present acharya in Noida. From 1993 till 2000, several swamis including Swami Tejomayananda, Swami Purushottamananda, Br. Atma Chaitanya, Swami Swaroopananda, Swami Chidananda, Swami Subodhananda, Swamini Purnananda, Swami Nikhilananda, Swami Ashishananda and Swamini Vimilananda have held yagnas in Noida.
(photo no. 141, 142, 143)

1992. Swami Chinmayananda stepped into Noida.

1993. Mission started in Noida.

1995. Yagna by Swami Purushottamanananda from March 17 to 23. Foundation stone laid by Swami Tejomayananda on September 27. Yagna by Swami Tejomayananda from September 24 to October 1.

1996. Yagna by Swami Subodhananda from February 3 to 10. Yagna by Swami Purushottamananda from April 29 to May 4.

1997. Yagna by Swami Subodhananda from March 6 to 13. Yagna by Swami Nikhilananda from August 4 to 10. Inauguration of building on October 16 by Swami Tejomayananda. Chief guest at the function was the Lt. Governor of Delhi, Mr. Tejendra Khanna. Yagna by Swami Subodhananda from November 23 to 29.

1998. Yagna by Swami Nikhilananda from February 16 to 22.

1999. Yagna by Swami Subodhananda from January 23 to 29. Yagna by Swamini Vimlananda from March 6 to 12. Abhishek ceremony of Lord Hanumanji's statue in the holy presence of Swami Tejomayananda on October 17. Yagna by Swamini Purnananda from November 29 to December 5.


The Delhi Chinmaya Sewa Trust is also running a post graduate science college in the BHEL complex in Haridwar. This was inaugurated by Gurudev in 1989. It is the best college under Meerut University, getting 99.8% success results. 980 students are studying there. Other senior secondary schools being run by the Trust are in Solan (with 300 students) and at Unchahar in Rai Bareilly (with 700 students). The Chinmaya Vidyalaya in Delhi has 1300 students at present. For more information about Vidyalaya, please visit Chinmaya Vidyalaya







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